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Welcome to my Author Website!


If you like reading stories with an adventurous twist, this is for you. Have a look around and see the books I have already published. There are links to book trailers, pages with interviews and information on me. You can read excerpts from my novels, reviews by readers and a blog with ever-changing news. Enjoy!

Singing Lizards

A novel set in Africa

There is nothing like returning to a place

that remains unchanged to find the ways

in which you yourself have altered.”            


Nelson Mandela



Bridget Reinhold's sister Claire disappears in Botswana

under mysterious circumstances. Bridget rushes to Africa

to find Claire - but that's easier said than done! Things go

awry, and Bridget isn't so sure anymore what is still normal

and what is not.

Listen to a reading from chapter 1 or watch the trailer

The Rhino Whisperer

A Crime Mystery


​"I always seems impossible, until you actually do it.“   

Nelson Mandela


Another mystery novel set in modern South Africa. This time, the murders of a ranger and a rare black rhino in the idyllic Shangari Safari Park rattle the local community of Rutgersdrift. Sofia Helenius from Finland lives at the lodge with her boyfriend Tom Rutgers, the owner of Shangari. Sofia is tormented by a secret she yearns to share with Tom, but the cruel events grab the limelight and put everything else in the shade. One of the native Khoi-San families is known to communicate with wild animals, but what if the criminals get wind of this gift?

When another murder happens in the city of Johannesburg, smouldering secrets begin to unravel.




A Half Moon Adventure

An Adventure Mystery

"I haven't told half of what I've seen. For nobody

 would have believed me.“   

Marco Polo

As if growing up in the seventies wasn’t difficult enough, teenager Isabell Bertrand is also too rebellious for her parents’ liking. A novel treatment with hypnosis appears to be the perfect remedy and Dr. Albrecht regresses Isabell to her early childhood and even further back. She experiences previous lifetimes and then one in particular: could this beautiful young woman in a silk sari, who was forced to choose between two men, really once have been her? Years later, Isabell is invited to a wedding in Pakistan and memories of a forgotten love come flooding back - with dangerous consequences.




I grew up in Germany. South Africa is my second home now and I love being part of this new, vibrant society.....

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