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My trip to Germany - Part 4

The book fair closed every day at 18:00 and my dearest husband and I went out in search of dinner. We walked along the main road in Wiederitsch and found a Chinese Takeaway place, selling Turkish Döner Kebap, the preferred, cheap and filling snack choice in Germany. It was the best Döner, I’d ever had and we walked around the village in the dark, sauce and shredded cabbage dripping from our hands. Just as well that it was dark and hardly anybody out in the streets.

By day four, I was exhausted. Book marketing is not for sissies, mind you - but it was exhilirating and I didn’t regret coming all the way from Johannesburg to participate one of the biggest book fairs in the world.

My body screamed in protest, when we decided to take one last tour to the city centre and explore. It was so much better than taking a nap. The Thomas Church, where such eminent composers such as Bach and Mendelsohn had worked for a while, was one of the stops. Apparently, Johan Sebastian Bach died in Leipzig, because he is buried in the church... who knew?

We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant with exotic flair, flanked by Indian, Chinese and restaurants and whatnot. Buildings were so old and beautiful here and before our visit, I really hadn't known anything about Leipzig.

The follwing morning saw us waving goodbye to one of the most interesting German cities, I have visited and making our way by train to the medieval town of Marburg, the next stop on our itinerary.

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